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Great Awakening

Hello loves, 

I'm coming to you today, 2020 Winter Solstice along with the rare Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Today is a once in a life time comic event. As I sat here asking myself and my guides with such a powerful energetic day, what am I meant to share that isn't already being shared by others. 

I was guided to do a special channeling for you and I haven't specifically channeled since returning back to my home state of Montana. So it is a pleasure to offer this to you today. 

"Great awakening is upon us as a collective on planet earth. You choose to be here on earth for this specific time in space and came prepared with an a ray of gifts to use in healing the wounded, the lost to be found, the scared to remain calm, the joyless to regain joy. I know my dear one how you feel at this time of major transiton as it will be showing you faces of evil like never before. This is the purpose of your awakening. To see the illusion of those trying to...

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What is the #1 Human Craving?


Have you ever been told or felt that you were insignificant?

Did you know the saying "their insignificant" is being used by teens towards other teens?

Did you know I grew up feeling invisible?

Imagine a world where everyone recognized and owned their value?

Imagine just by changing your thinking you can experience more love, energy and a sense of connection.

It can be easy sometimes to buy into the illusion of being insignificant. You see celebrities and successful people and you are programmed to compare yourself to them. Thinking their fame or wealth affirms how little your life matters.

But this is BS!!!

This is what is "taught" so that we spend our lives always striving to be like someone else. We spend money on buying all the things we "think" will bring us importance. Which in turns just fills us temporarily and we still feel insignificant.  

The number one human craving we have as souls is the desire to feel important...

So I get why it's so challenging to achieve...

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How to find happiness

Got Happiness?

...Or do you experience more days where you find yourself feeling sad but would like to cultivate more happiness within yourself and possibly your job or career?

If so, you're not alone. Women are twice as likely to experience sadness and/or depression than men. There are many contributing factors for these statistics including ethnicity, income and living environment.

For more information about depression here is a resource from the CDC click here

Feeling happy and experiencing happiness in life can sometimes feel hard. It can come and go depending on the day or season. The emotion of happiness like all other emotions comes and goes.

...So how do you cultivate more happiness in your life and career on an ongoing basis?

These tips, tricks and feel good suggestions will support you in living a life with more joy, happiness and success :)   

Tip #1: Explore what happiness means for you

Happiness means something different to all of us. Once you...

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Top 3 Mistake-We Make While Living on Purpose

Do you ever find yourself creating distractions to keep from living your purpose?

Then THIS, my love is the blog for you! 

Today, I'm going to share with you the top 3 mistakes we make while living on purpose. 

Even though everyone is talking about the importance of living your purpose, they aren't talking about what is keeping most women stuck in frustration and dissatisfaction?

Or at least not as often, I want to so you can make better decisions in your life.

The thing I hope for you after reading this blog is to have the ability to identify certain patterns in your life. Than take that awareness and make new and/or better choices for yourself that will lead to more ease, happiness and success in life. 

Awareness of damaging personal patterns has been one of the most life changing things I have done for myself!  This has lead me to experience more joy, success and fulfillment in my life, business and relationships. 

Some patterns I have identified in...

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Why am I here - 3 Tips to understand your purpose

Do you ever ponder the question "why am I here and what's my purpose?"

~If you do or have, you're not alone! 

It's a question that I have pondered many times throughout my life and spiritual journey and one I get from my clients almost exclusively. 

During my exploration of "why am I here " I have come to discover three reoccurring themes that I would like to ask you to contemplate. 

~First lets return to the question "why am I here and what's my purpose"? Where does this resonate from and why does almost everyone ask it sometime during their lifetime? 

I would like to return us to the idea of energy and how everything is made up of it, including you and your soul. 

When you consider the idea and how energy moves in every way of life. How you are in a space of flow of living your life in a place of joy and purpose you are actually living a life of purpose. 

Spirit has been super clear with me that we are here to be an expression of source in the...

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Greatness and living a life of soul fulfillment!

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2019

What is greatness and how does it apply to living a life of soul fulfillment? 

There are many traits of GREATNESS and today I would like to share 3 that I came across while reading the book Sacred Success by Barbara Stanny and how I see them relate to being unstoppable and experiencing soul fulfillment. 

For too long we have been pursuing the dreams of others and not listening and following our own personal calling of greatness. 

Make sure to watch to the end and find out how to be UNSTOPPABLE! :) 

Embrace the journey and I see the Greatness in YOU! 


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Discover 3 things that could be blocking you from increasing your cash flow

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2019

Do you desire more money in your life or business?

I work with women gain clarity of their soul’s purpose and there is a common thread amongst all of them. Limiting beliefs around money and not knowing how to shift this so that they can fully express their purpose in life.

I too experienced this and it was frustrating as I felt I was doing all the “right’ things but still just  couldn’t get to the next level with increasing my cash flow in my business and life.

So what I learned is there are 4 main pillars to increase your money attracting vibration and today I would like to share 3 of them. I will also share an opportunity for more support so if this resonates with you, you don’t have to go at it alone.

3 things that could be blocking you from increasing your money flow are:

  1. Lack of awareness
  2. Holding onto past hurts, blame or guilt
  3. Not nurturing your money relationship

Why are each of these important to understand?

First when there is a lack...

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Energy Flows Where My Intention Goes...How to use your intentions to manifest your goals this year.

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2019

Most of us have long term goals and even a new year word to support us in manifesting our desires this year. 

Why is it some of us find ourselves at the end of the year wondering what happened that we didn't create the success we had hoped for. 

Most likely it was due to not being intentional with our energy and having clarity of how to go about reaching our goals. Does this sound like you? I've been there too! 

So how do you take your goal and turn it into reality? It begins with setting smaller goals and or projects to reach your larger goal and then chucking the projects down into bite size actions. Set time in your calendar and take the inspired action needed to accomplish the projects. 

By doing so you will gain momentum, clarity and confidence which will lead to your personal success. Are you ready to make this year your year of success?! Go ahead and watch the video for how to make your goals a reality this year. 

Cheers to experiencing soul...

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Goals and Synchronicities

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2018

As you prepare to wrap up 2018 and usher in 2019 what does setting goals and being open to synchronicities have to do with living a life of soul fulfillment? 


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New Moon Yumminess!

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2018

Happy Soul Fulfillment Friday! 

We are here on a New Moon along with Mercury going direct today. YAY!

The yumminess of the day is felt viscerally. Spirit was very clear when it asked me to pull a spirit animal card for you. The gorilla came up for us to listen and get to know your loved ones better. To really get to know them. We all change over time, have you taken the time to hear the feelings, wants or desires of of your loved ones lately? 

During the holiday season you are likely to spend more time with your loved ones. Spirit is encouraging you to tap into the gorilla energy and allow the time to listen compassionately to those you love, especially your family members. 

Also happy New Moon! Don't forget to set those intentions today. 2019 is coming is fast and is ready to support you in living your soul's fulfillment.

Embrace the journey,


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