Top 3 Mistake-We Make While Living on Purpose

Do you ever find yourself creating distractions to keep from living your purpose?

Then THIS, my love is the blog for you! 

Today, I'm going to share with you the top 3 mistakes we make while living on purpose. 

Even though everyone is talking about the importance of living your purpose, they aren't talking about what is keeping most women stuck in frustration and dissatisfaction?

Or at least not as often, I want to so you can make better decisions in your life.

The thing I hope for you after reading this blog is to have the ability to identify certain patterns in your life. Than take that awareness and make new and/or better choices for yourself that will lead to more ease, happiness and success in life. 

Awareness of damaging personal patterns has been one of the most life changing things I have done for myself!  This has lead me to experience more joy, success and fulfillment in my life, business and relationships. 

Some patterns I have identified in myself include:

  • Procrastination 
  • Hiding
  • Distractions
  • Creating inner emotional chaos
  • Stubbornness 
  • Isolation 

How these patterns have appeared in my life:

~When I would start to see an increase of success in my business I would create a distraction, I would start having thoughts that I want a new project to work on or I would "think" I was bored and move on. This is classic distraction in action. 

~When I would gain traction on a project and started to see results I would find myself saying I "deserve" a self care day. I would take the day and do something other than what I had planned. I would feel good for a little bit and than would loose the momentum and it would take more energy to get back into flow...Procrastination anyone?! 

So I have been there too, I understand how it works and I also have learned how to identify it more quickly when I'm slipping into an old pattern so that I can make a new choice. By making an empowering decision instead of being lead by my old way of doing things. 

Let's dive into the Top 3 mistakes women are making while trying to live a life of purpose. 

Mistake #1: Isolation

Isolation has a kind of a dichotomy to it. Sometimes we are fearful of embarking on our journey of our true purpose, the one that will bring us joy. We don't want to go it alone, but the truth is that in today's world of social media and technology we are more alone and isolated than ever before. 

Here's the thing...we are never alone! As soon as we step off the well worn path to begin living our passion, our muse will appear. During this time is when your guides, higher self and that deeper substance will appear to support you in having the courage and knowing of what is right for you. 

The other aspect of isolation can happen after you have already been on your purpose journey for a while. It can look like pulling away from the things that you enjoy doing in life, your hobbies, your friends and family. We can do this at times of stress and frustration in the process. 

Sister, this is the time more than ever to stay connected to what brings you joy. When you are creating your destiny and life of purpose it can and will become difficult at times. You need to have hobbies, activities that get you out and moving so that you keep your energy free flowing and open to inspiration. 

Becoming isolated will not only cause sadness and despair it can keep you from experiencing the freedom, joy, success and purpose you are seeking. 

So keep the things in your life that you enjoy and do them with others that are also on the journey of living on purpose. They will be able to support you in those times of feeling like pulling back for life when it gets hard. 


Mistake #2: Making Excuses

Making excuses is a way of keeping yourself safe from feeling the fear of failure or even success. 

We rationalize reasons why not to do something and they sound very plausible why we shouldn't do our work. 

They can even sound true, such as for the woman in her eighth month of pregnancy and feeling tired as she prepares for the new arrival. She may really want to be creating her new program to support other moms eat more healthy but instead does nothing with it. 

This may be necessary for this momma or is it just resistance keeping her from living her purpose? It's a question to be had for each of us. Is it true or is it just me making excuses for why I'm not doing my work so that I may experience my soul's fulfillment by living my purpose. 

You are made of greatness and I would like to support you with moving from excuses to living your life of soul fulfillment. Here is another resource  you may find helpful.  CLICK THIS LINK

Mistake #3: Procrastination 

Procrastination is the most common mistake and keeps all of us in a place of frustration and feeling stuck at some point of our journey. Procrastination is the easiest to rationalize...We don't tell ourselves that we will never create our life of joy, instead we say I will do it after this next Netflix episode is over. 

The thing about procrastination is it can become a habit very easily. We tend to put off our lives for our work, family or just because it's easier than doing the work of being happy and what comes with that. 

This VERY MOMENT you can change your life! There is never a time that you do not have the POWER to alter your destiny! 

YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR UNIVERSE! Don't let procrastination trick you into thinking you will get to it tomorrow....

When you find yourself putting off what you know will take you to where you desire to be, make the conscious choice to do the work, NOW! 

It will feel uncomfortable and maybe even a little scary...know when this happens its the universal sign that you are headed in the correct direction for living on purpose.  

There is a reason you are experiencing these forms of resistance now more than ever. It's because the more on purpose we become the more the energy of resistance roars its face. 

You can navigate this phenomenon with awareness and action. I hope this has been helpful for you in becoming more aware of your own personal patterns so that you may identify it sooner and make more empowering choices as you continue your journey of living a life of purpose and soul fulfillment. 

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Lastly, if you felt like this blog was just what you needed for your life of purpose and soul fulfillment, please let me know by sharing it with your soulful women friends who might benefit. 

Until next time.

Embrace the journey,


P.S. If you would like to hear me take this topic a little deeper watch my Soul Fulfillment Friday Live HERE



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