Why am I here - 3 Tips to understand your purpose

Do you ever ponder the question "why am I here and what's my purpose?"

~If you do or have, you're not alone! 

It's a question that I have pondered many times throughout my life and spiritual journey and one I get from my clients almost exclusively. 

During my exploration of "why am I here " I have come to discover three reoccurring themes that I would like to ask you to contemplate. 

~First lets return to the question "why am I here and what's my purpose"? Where does this resonate from and why does almost everyone ask it sometime during their lifetime? 

I would like to return us to the idea of energy and how everything is made up of it, including you and your soul. 

When you consider the idea and how energy moves in every way of life. How you are in a space of flow of living your life in a place of joy and purpose you are actually living a life of purpose. 

Spirit has been super clear with me that we are here to be an expression of source in the physical. Each individual does this in their own unique way. You as a unique being have gifts and growth you came here to experience in your life as well as share with the whole of humanity. 

So from a higher level your purpose of being here is to connect and align with your divine source and bring in your unique expression into the physical. 

Ok, I hear you asking but how??

What does this look like in a more tangible concept...

This brings me to the 3 reoccurring themes I have seen and experienced.

First, you are here to explore...This includes exploring your gifts, talents and the world around you! Yes, you have gifts and talents that only you possess and here to foster and share in the world. This is a large part of your journey in your early years all the way into mid life. (Actually until we leave the physical plane) 

I find exploring of the most challenging aspects of the journey to discovering "why am I here"

Why? Because of social programming and conditioning. We are ask from a young age "what do you want to be when you grow up?" We are asked to join into a societal programming of putting ourselves into a box. By asking young children and kids to declare a profession or career it stifles them from just being “themselves”. We are not meant to live life in box and to "become" something. We are here to express and evolve into our greatest expression of ourselves and to do this we are to continue to experiment in life. 

What about exploring the world around us? Personally this is something I truly enjoy doing but have not been doing enough of lately. 

Taking the time to really investigate and align with your gifts and strengths will bring you more joy and freedom. In most jobs or company cultures we are asked to do tasks and duties that the company desires without regard to the individuals strengths and gifts in mind. This leads to dissatisfaction and burnout.

Tip #1 ~ The more you become aware of your natural thinking preferences and gifts and do work in these areas you will experience more fulfillment and joy while doing what you love. 

Exercise: Write down 3 things that come easy to you in life. Things that others complement you on or state you are good at.

Nice work, you have explored and discovered 3 gifts and unique talents that you posses. Now for you to do more of these things and cultivate them.

Next, you are here to express. Through your wisdom, truth and emotions with self and others. We are now experiencing more and more individuals speaking their truth...however, so much more is needed to support the elevation of expression for all. We all have an inner critic that tries to keep us small and what it feels is “safe” for us. Navigating this inner critic is a vital step in living on purpose and expressing your truth in your own life.

Tip #2 ~ The closer you get to speaking up, the louder your inner critic gets. It will give you all the “sound” reasons why you should keep your mouth shut and head down. Fear is simply doing its job. It is trying to protect you by keeping you safe, away from the unknown and further hurt. But you are an adult now, and you no longer need to be afraid of your power and voice. Don’t believe its favorite sayings such as: “You’ll disappoint them”, "You’ll do it wrong”, “What if you fail miserably”, “You’re not smart enough” “You’re not pretty enough”, or “What if…?”

Know that these are voices of the past, not the present. They no longer serve you. Simply notice these persuasive thoughts, even thank your inner critic for its good intentions to protect you, than share your message or creation anyways!

Exercise: Next time you hear your inner critic trying to keep you “safe” with its repeating sayings…STOP and really listen to whats its saying. Write it down and than read the word out load and ask your self would you say those things to someone you love? If the answer is NO than kindly say thank you to your critic and rewrite the phrase in a positive voice and post it where you will see it several times a day. This has become your new positive affirmation.

Lastly, you are here to feel...to feel love, joy, sadness, pain, passion and everything in between. 

During a resent client Akashic Record reading her guides were very clear that she was to reconnect with her hands and finger tips so that she would open her heart to feeling again. She is to take the time to feel the physical world with her fingers and allow the sensations to flow up the arms into her heart and really "feel" the different aspects of the world. The reason for this is multifold...to become more present in the now, to remember how the world “feels” and to interact as a being which leads to opening up to understanding "why am I alive now"? 

It can be scary to be open to feeling the full spectrum of emotions. We know that if we really allow love into our lives that we are also open to experiencing sadness. So most people keep the world at arms length away and pretend they are ok with not feeling.

It’s time to stop being afraid of the pain and allow yourself to feel the joy.

Tip # 3 ~ The more you open your heart to feeling the full spectrum of emotions the more you will begin to understand how you were living in fear of joy. Society has said its only ok for women to be happy and not to allow anger or sadness to surface. For men, its only acceptable for anger or aggression. Actually they are rewarded accordingly in the world of sports.

Exercise: Place your hands on your heart and take several deep breathes in and out through your nose. What emotions come up for you? Whatever comes up is perfect for you in this time. Allow it to surface and send gratitude for its presence. If it is sadness, allow the tears to flow and know that you are healing what is ready for the healing. If you sense anger than congratulate yourself for being willing to say I’m a being with a full range of emotions and if you feel the need to yell…let it out.

Continue until you no longer sense feelings or emotions surfacing.  What you have done is release old stuck emotions that were not given the opportunity to be expressed at the time of “impact”.

Even if we deny an emotion in the moment it is still present and will lodge into your body.

It is vital to your health and wellbeing to feel the emotions and allow them the space and time to wash away.

You are here as a soul in a physical body and the physical comes with the ability to explore, express and feel. 

So no matter where you are on the journey of exploration of "why am I here"? Take time to be present in the moment. Feel the physical with your finger tips and reconnect with the beauty and wonder of your surroundings. Be courageous to speak your truth, your feelings and desires. You will begin to experience more joy and by doing so you give those around you the permission to do so as well! 

Until we meet again embrace the journey! 

Much love,

Danielle Golie




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