Energy Flows Where My Intention Goes...How to use your intentions to manifest your goals this year.

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2019

Most of us have long term goals and even a new year word to support us in manifesting our desires this year. 

Why is it some of us find ourselves at the end of the year wondering what happened that we didn't create the success we had hoped for. 

Most likely it was due to not being intentional with our energy and having clarity of how to go about reaching our goals. Does this sound like you? I've been there too! 

So how do you take your goal and turn it into reality? It begins with setting smaller goals and or projects to reach your larger goal and then chucking the projects down into bite size actions. Set time in your calendar and take the inspired action needed to accomplish the projects. 

By doing so you will gain momentum, clarity and confidence which will lead to your personal success. Are you ready to make this year your year of success?! Go ahead and watch the video for how to make your goals a reality this year. 

Cheers to experiencing soul fulfillment! 



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