Great Awakening

Hello loves, 

I'm coming to you today, 2020 Winter Solstice along with the rare Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Today is a once in a life time comic event. As I sat here asking myself and my guides with such a powerful energetic day, what am I meant to share that isn't already being shared by others. 

I was guided to do a special channeling for you and I haven't specifically channeled since returning back to my home state of Montana. So it is a pleasure to offer this to you today. 

"Great awakening is upon us as a collective on planet earth. You choose to be here on earth for this specific time in space and came prepared with an a ray of gifts to use in healing the wounded, the lost to be found, the scared to remain calm, the joyless to regain joy. I know my dear one how you feel at this time of major transiton as it will be showing you faces of evil like never before. This is the purpose of your awakening. To see the illusion of those trying to control. 

Yes control is Danielle's biggest fear of this life. She is not alone, you will be facing your fears of lose, discomfort, the unknown. However, we are here now to remind you of your divine wisdom and journey on earth.

You stood up when souls were asked who wants to go now to save humanity from it's self. You rose your hand faster then the question was asked because you are brave, you see hope in the eyes of children, you believe in the good of humanity. 

Today's grand conjunction and Solstice portal is the entrance to your destiny as a God send. As the light worker, healer, empath, starseed you are. 

No no can ever take that away.

It's time to join in circles, tribes, communities, collaborations as strong units of collective light. 

There will be many who will try to dim your light however, you are the only one capable of such.

Shine brightly together as we see you from the above. The few doing the shifting on planet earth to a state of control are only as powerful as the collective allows them to be. 

So again, use today's light infiltration to earth to come together as a collective and stand united in the light of the Divine, God, Source.

Cherish your loved ones, even those not awakened. They too came here as a soul, blessing and are loved.

Choose your path and know you will never be alone as long as you "look up" and commune with Source.

Again find, join and commune in tribe. Reach out to mentors, healers and guides as well as pay it forward as you rise to those coming up behind you.

Many blessings on this Divine day. 

Stay focused on your heart and you will overcome all challenges."

Channeling of the Divine Council of Light 12-21-20

Much love, Danielle 



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