How to find happiness

Got Happiness?

...Or do you experience more days where you find yourself feeling sad but would like to cultivate more happiness within yourself and possibly your job or career?

If so, you're not alone. Women are twice as likely to experience sadness and/or depression than men. There are many contributing factors for these statistics including ethnicity, income and living environment.

For more information about depression here is a resource from the CDC click here

Feeling happy and experiencing happiness in life can sometimes feel hard. It can come and go depending on the day or season. The emotion of happiness like all other emotions comes and goes.

...So how do you cultivate more happiness in your life and career on an ongoing basis?

These tips, tricks and feel good suggestions will support you in living a life with more joy, happiness and success :)   

Tip #1: Explore what happiness means for you

Happiness means something different to all of us. Once you know what it means for you it will be easier for you to cultivate it in your life. What activities make you smile, who in your life brings you joy and laughter, what hobbies do you loose track of time while doing? These can all be examples of happiness for you but it's up to you to decide what happiness is and looks like for you. 

Tip #2: Get in a good workout

Moving your body and getting those endorphins running in your blood stream is a sure fire way to feel more happiness in your day and life. Now a good workout can be anything that gets your heart rate up and the sweat glands functioning, so use your imagination here! ;)

Tip #3: Challenge yourself

Work for that promotion or take on that new project. It’s a lovely treat for your mind, according to Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. Challenge and novelty are key elements of happiness,” Rubin wrote in Real Simple. “The brain is stimulated by surprise, and successfully dealing with an unexpected situation gives a powerful sense of satisfaction.” 

Tip #4: Get enough rest

Getting enough rest and quality sleep helps the body recover from the day stress and busyness. When you allow your mind, body and spirit the rest it deserves you will experience more patience and happiness. Try going to bed 30 minutes earlier each evening or one of my favorites is a 15 minute power nap during the afternoon. 

Tip #5: Express gratitude

Gratitude is the fastest way to shift from a state of sadness, frustration or lack. It only takes a moment to stop and find something to be grateful for in your life. One of the first things I recommend my clients to implement into their lives is a gratitude journal. It's so simple but very impactful in cultivating more happiness within. First thing each morning express gratitude for at least 3 things in your life and do the same thing each evening before bed. In no time you will begin feeling more joy, gratitude and happiness in your life, career and relationships.

Tip #6: Stop and smell the flowers...literally 

Flower essence has an uplifting ability on your spirit. Did you know the rose has one the highest vibration on mother earth?! How does that impact your happiness...well the emotion of love and roses are similar and when you smell roses you will shift into a vibration closer to love. Who doesn't enjoy feeling love? So go and stop and smell the flowers. 

Tip #7: Find your purpose

We all want to feel like we made some sort of positive impact in this world, but sometimes we are uncertain of the type of impact we want to make. Explore exactly what gives you a sense of purpose and how you want to pursue this purpose to give your life a greater sense of meaning.

Tip #8: Go after life

What is that something that you have always wanted to do or accomplish in life? Go for it and let go of the fear or others expectations of you. How else will you truly experience happiness if you are not do what you love or have always knew was for you! 

Tip #9: Laugh hysterically 

When is the last time you belly laughed so hard your tummy hurt for hours? Laughter is the "best" medicine and in today's age we laugh far to little. So either get with that one friend that you just start to smile as soon as you see their face or go find yourself a comedy and eat some popcorn and laugh, laugh, laugh! :) 

Tip #10: Volunteer 

What project or group are you passionate about? How can you schedule in time to give of your time, gifts or companionship in a way that supports others living a more fulfilling life? When you offer your time and volunteer for that thing you feel good about you begin to find more joy and purpose in your own life. Begin by donating a couple hours a month. 

Now there are dozens more ways to cultivate more happiness in your life and I hope you will start with implementing one or all of these happiness tips, today! See how you start to feel more joyful, energetic and excited for your day and life. 
...Happiness looks good on you! 


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