What is the #1 Human Craving?


Have you ever been told or felt that you were insignificant?

Did you know the saying "their insignificant" is being used by teens towards other teens?

Did you know I grew up feeling invisible?

Imagine a world where everyone recognized and owned their value?

Imagine just by changing your thinking you can experience more love, energy and a sense of connection.

It can be easy sometimes to buy into the illusion of being insignificant. You see celebrities and successful people and you are programmed to compare yourself to them. Thinking their fame or wealth affirms how little your life matters.

But this is BS!!!

This is what is "taught" so that we spend our lives always striving to be like someone else. We spend money on buying all the things we "think" will bring us importance. Which in turns just fills us temporarily and we still feel insignificant.  

The number one human craving we have as souls is the desire to feel important...

So I get why it's so challenging to achieve that core human need when we see all the fame and glory of others and than compare how our personal life doesn't live up to that.

However, the world simply could not exist as it does now if you were not in it! PERIOD!!

You personally effect countless people everyday in endless ways. How about that smile you give to a stranger, the hand you gave a co-worker on a project, what about the dinner you made and was enjoyed by family or friends? None of that would have occurred without you.

Just by being you, doing what you do every day makes you important to the whole microcosm of the universe.

There is absolutely nothing insignificant about you or how you make our world a better place to live.

I'm here, today to tell you that you have MEANING and are IMPORTANT and that I love you and I see you! 

So today I encourage you to witness your own importance and allow yourself to shine. 

You are important and you are significant! You are needed in the world just as you are!

Much love, Danielle

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