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Uncategorized Dec 06, 2018


"You might be hearing a lot about passion and to live your passion. Well that's the plan you had when entering into this life. When did you stop believing it was possible to live your life from and with passion? Unfortunately, it begin to fade as a young child but it's being stirred up again within your soul. Now more then ever it is possible to reclaim your personal passion and to live from it as a primary form and guidance.
Today, stop and ask yourself...what do I love to do? What did I use to do as a young child that brought me joy? This is passion! The things that come easy to you that you may not even do anymore. The things that when you are doing them the time just flies by and you would or do for free already. Passion is the fire in your heart, the song in your soul the glow in your eyes. It's there and you feel it. It's up to you to tap into it and allow it to surface even if for only a few seconds. The more you do this the easier it is to connect and lead...

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Uncategorized Nov 27, 2018

"When we are at the door of change we will be asked to let go of the baggage of the past. Chances are you are holding onto energies that are holding you back from experiencing your full potential. No judgments here, just a statement through an observation. It's a part of the human experience to feel pain, frustration, disdain of others. You came here to navigate this journey and to let go of the pain that holding a grudge can cause. Holding a grudge is funny in the sense that most of it, is towards yourself. The human mind wants to put the blame onto others however, that's just falling into victimhood. You are not a victim you are a hero and master of your own destiny. The key to the journey and letting go of the victim is through forgiveness. Forgiveness is for you, not the other person (even when the forgiveness is for yourself.) We ask you now to look into your heart, ask what have I been holding onto for way too long? What am I ready to let go of through forgiveness? This could...

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How to Move Through Resistance

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2018
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Uncategorized Sep 14, 2018


"You talk of choices lately, well what choices are you making today that is facilitating the life you desire? Are you choosing joy or fear? Are you choosing pain over laughter? 

We are here seeing and witnessing the course of transformation. We want to congratulate each of you here for your courage and fear! 

We say fear as it is the fear that each of you are facing and changing, not only in your own lives but helping to facilitate in the whole. 

Congratulations on being here as you are embarking on a whole new level of transformation. One of great wealth, success and wholeness of self in the now. 

Danielle and others have been facing the "demon" of unworthiness and self doubt. We say keep up the surrender of allowance. 

We know it's not the most pleasant of journeys and that's why we congratulate you as you are among the few who have agreed to take the call and act! 

Now is the time to breathe into the core of self and channel your own inner...

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