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How to find happiness

Got Happiness?

...Or do you experience more days where you find yourself feeling sad but would like to cultivate more happiness within yourself and possibly your job or career?

If so, you're not alone. Women are twice as likely to experience sadness and/or depression than men. There are many contributing factors for these statistics including ethnicity, income and living environment.

For more information about depression here is a resource from the CDC click here

Feeling happy and experiencing happiness in life can sometimes feel hard. It can come and go depending on the day or season. The emotion of happiness like all other emotions comes and goes.

...So how do you cultivate more happiness in your life and career on an ongoing basis?

These tips, tricks and feel good suggestions will support you in living a life with more joy, happiness and success :)   

Tip #1: Explore what happiness means for you

Happiness means something different to all of us. Once you...

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