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Why am I here - 3 Tips to understand your purpose

Do you ever ponder the question "why am I here and what's my purpose?"

~If you do or have, you're not alone! 

It's a question that I have pondered many times throughout my life and spiritual journey and one I get from my clients almost exclusively. 

During my exploration of "why am I here " I have come to discover three reoccurring themes that I would like to ask you to contemplate. 

~First lets return to the question "why am I here and what's my purpose"? Where does this resonate from and why does almost everyone ask it sometime during their lifetime? 

I would like to return us to the idea of energy and how everything is made up of it, including you and your soul. 

When you consider the idea and how energy moves in every way of life. How you are in a space of flow of living your life in a place of joy and purpose you are actually living a life of purpose. 

Spirit has been super clear with me that we are here to be an expression of source in the...

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