The Money Mind UPGRADE

A step by step process to identify your money mindset and overcome limiting beliefs so that you may experience a prosperity transformation and a life of joy.  

Are you an empath, conscious entrepreneur or healer...

Who's ready to reach the next level of income in your business and impact more people with the transformation you offer?

  • Are you tired of doing all the "right" things and still not making the money you know you are capable of? 
  • Are you frustrated with an ongoing financial struggle and ready to break through what’s holding you back from creating the income of your dreams?
  • Do you feel there is something missing that’s keeping you stuck BUT have no idea what that missing piece is?
  • Have you reached an income level that you just can’t break through despite all of your hard work?
  • Are you ready to take it to the next level and become an influential voice in your industry but you don’t know where to start?

Imagine: You have the ability to increase your income, impact and influence in your business and life!

  • Imagine being a money magnet
  • Imagine having the amount of money you desire, and how that will transform your life and those closest to you
  • Imagine increasing your income by removing your own internal blocks towards abundance
  • Imagine knowing what next steps to take in your business that will align you with your highest money attracting vibration

Hi, I'm Danielle Golie Professional Empathic Intuitive and Certified Akashic Record Reader. 
I was guided to create Your PurposeFULL Life while I was studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I thought it would be so I could practice acupuncture however, Spirit had another plan for me. 
Since then I began offering intuitive readings and Akashic Record readings to support Empaths and Healers in gaining clarity of their soul's purpose. While working with clients it became clear that work around money was vital to experiencing a purposeFULL life and financial fulfillment and thus the Money Mind Upgrade was born. 
With my background in TCM and energy healing as well as my direct connection with the divine, I'm committed to supporting you increase your income, impact and influence with the transformation you offer. After all, you DESERVE it! 

It IS possible to increase your income so that you may create financial freedom in your life and business.

After working with many women in gaining clarity of purpose, I had the realization that all of them struggled with limiting beliefs around money that was holding them back from fully expressing their dreams and gifts in the world while creating the income they knew they were capable of.

That's why I created the Money Mind  Upgrade

A 1:1 healing experience that supports you with identifying your money mindset and healing limiting beliefs keeping you from creating the income you dream of. 

This isn't your typical money manifestation program. We won't be using the traditional affirmations (which can be useful). Instead you will go straight to your soul for guidance on what is ready to come into awareness and be healed. The Money Mind Upgrade is different than anything you've ever experienced before. If you are really ready to identify and heal your limiting money beliefs, so that you may increase your income, impact and influence than you're going to love this new approach. 

The Money Mind Upgrade is made up of 3 Phases :

Let's take a look at what you'll receive in each phase.

Phase 1: Awareness 

Goal:  To discover your current money flow and how it's impacting your money situation.

  • Gain awareness of how you deal with your current flow of money so that you can shift to one of receiving that serves your highest financial desires.
  • My unique way of accessing your Akashic Records allows for clarity so that you can understand your current energetic vibe towards receiving money in your life. 

Why Awareness is important:

  • Lack of understanding past influences of your current money situation keeps you feeling stuck and limited in how to increase your income. 

Phase 2: Healing

Goal: To uncover the old money story you took on as a young child and heal whats no longer serving you so that you may create a new money story that will allow you to increase you income, Now!

  • Learn how energetic debt can lead to financial debt. When you are able to forgive guilt around financial debt you are able to change your financial story.
  • I lovingly and compassionately help you to uncover the causes of debt in your life and allow you a safe space to heal and create your new money story.

Why Healing is important:

  • By holding onto guilt, emotional pain or blame of others can lead to debt and feeling powerless over your financial well-being.

Phase 3: Alignment 

Goal: To re-establish a relationship with money that is fun and engaging while in alignment with your values and priorities so that you may start increasing your income, impact and influence.

  • By energetically strengthening your relationship with money it allows new and more pathways for money to flow to you.
  • Through accessing your Akashic Records I am able to support you in opening your heart to money through ways that are specific to your soul's needs.

Why Alignment is important:

  • When following what others say is "right" for you can lead to money being withheld until you connect and align with your personal values and money priorities. 

Each Phase You'll Receive:

Private 1:1 Akashic Record Reading

Soul Work from Your Akashic Guides 

Recording of 1:1 Session

"You'll have lifetime access to private client portal and session recordings"

"AMAZING! So much insight and guidance about what was holding me back from creating and receiving wealth in my life. BEST INVESTMENT in my financial wellbeing."

Julianna Nelson
Founder & CEO, Phillinnova

If Not Now, When?

How long have you been wanting to make the changes you know you are ready for? How you spend your time right now is showing what is important to you. It's time to make a decision with your heart and not your fear. If you want to say yes, than say YES!

BONUS: Business Strategy Deep Dive 1:1 Akashic Record Reading

(Value $333)

Goal:  To receive guidance of next steps to take in your business so that you may increase your income, impact and influence with the transformation you offer.

  • Now it's time to connect to your business and receive support around business decisions. 
  • By accessing your business Akashic Records you are able to access the "heart of your work" so that you know first hand where your business needs to grow, flourish and create abundance.

Why accessing your business akashic records are important:

  • When creating or building a business without accessing your business Akashic Records for next steps, it's like driving a car in the dark without headlights. You may get there but was it the destination you were hoping for? 

Who is a good fit for the Money Mind Upgrade:

Conscious Entrepreneurs 


Anyone desiring to increase their income, impact and influence so that they may experience more financial fulfillment in life while offering their services and transformation to others.

Imagine in as little as 4 Weeks from TODAY, you could be increasing your income.

Here's what you will experience after the Money Mind Upgrade:

  • You will have clear vision of your business mission
  • You will have direction of next steps to take that will support you in creating more prosperity in your business
  • A strengthened relationship with money
  • Have a new money story that allows for improved money flow into your life and business
  • Identify and heal past money blocks

Have you been asking for guidance to help you rise to the next level of prosperity in your life and business?

Than the Money Mind Upgrade is the answer you've been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Akashic Records are a tool that has been used for a long time. Your Akashic Records is an energetic filing system for all that has happened with your soul in this lifetime and other lifetimes. By accesses the Akashic Records you gain the understanding of your experiences and challenges from the soul level. It allows you to gain awareness of patterns in your life from a higher perspective while being disconnected so the ego is less likely to object. You are able to have compassion for yourself and doing the healing that your soul is ready for. This is a powerful tool to increase your money attracting vibration which in turn will allow you to manifest more money into your life. 

Once your payment is received you will be sent a welcome email where you will be given access to your private client portal where you will find your soul work for your success in the Money Mind Upgrade. You will also receive 3 1:1 Money Mind Upgrade sessions and 1 bonus session with Danielle. 

Once your payment is received you will be sent a welcome email where you will receive a link to schedule your 1:1 sessions with Danielle. All sessions are done over the phone so no worry about demographic location. 

During the creation stage is a great time to receive the business akashic reading to that you may gain the insight in the direction to go early on. The guidance you receive is likely to save you tons of valuable time in taking unnecessary action steps that are frequently taking by new entrepreneurs.

Absolutely NOT! If you do not plan to start a business you may either receive a soul purpose clarity session or a soul fulfillment session. Each of these sessions also access your akashic records and will give you support in moving your life in a direction where you may create more prosperity. 

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