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Are you sick of working a job that smothers your spirit?

Do you rarely have the time to pursue your passions and know deep down you are meant for more? 

Are you aching to make a living doing what you love?

Do you struggle to know what you’re really meant to do?

Are you feeling a call to do something more with your life but confused on what that is?

Do you feel stuck and unable to move forward in life?

I totally get it, you're not alone! 


It's Time to Discover Your Personal Truth...

Imagine: Awakening the answers, guidance, and unlimited energy within you to create the life of your dreams 
Imagine: Creating balance and harnessing your desires in you that shape your destiny. 
Imagine: Releasing yourself from others goals and agendas and embracing your true calling. 
  • Believe in your dreams and mission: When you believe in your soul's purpose, it gives you the focus and confidence to make clearer decisions in the direction you need to take to feel fulfilled, joyful and be successful. 

I'm Ready to Discover My Personal Truth

It’s time to take action and make a decision. Learn to do what I love and moves me towards my greatest purpose today.

Hello Love, Danielle here

I'm your Soul Fulfillment Guide and Founder of HiVibe Healing. I was a successful and award winning nurse and Director of Public Health when I started to feel dissatisfied in my life and career.

I had reached the top of my professional game. I felt lost, confused and stuck while also sensing there was something more for me to be offering the world. I was determined to make a difference in the world but I was struggling with confusion of my next steps. 

Since that day I...

...Discovered "WHO I AM" as a soul and gained the confidence to live my own unique joyful life

...Launched HiVibe Healing and started supporting other spiritually driven women gain clarity of their soul's purpose and begin doing what they love

...Birthed Passport to Purpose, the one and only mentorship program to discover and live your soul's purpose 




That's why I created Passport to Purpose, a blueprint to discover and live your soul's purpose.


After working with many women in gaining clarity of their purpose, I had a realization that most of them struggled with trusting themselves and their intuition. They were dealing with past influences that kept them feeling stuck in chasing the dreams and goals that others had for them leading to overwhelm, burnout and dissatisfaction in life and career. 

It is my mission to support women rediscover their personal truth, embrace their calling and fulfill their soul's purpose with simple strategies, mentorship and community.

Passport to Purpose is a 12 Month Mentorship Program like no other, made up of simple strategies and compassionate mentorship.

Let’s take a look at what you will discover during the journey:

Connect to Your Self

What is your inner guidance prompting you to do? What is your very next step? 

Connecting with your true self is the key to soul fulfillment. When you are able to connect with yourself you are able to experience more joy, happiness and freedom in all aspects of life. 

The 3 Connection Principles you will experience are: 

  • Bring your VISION of soul fulfillment into focus and learn how to keep it a priority in your otherwise full life. 
  • Gain clarity of your passions and how that leads you to fulfilling your PURPOSE in life. 
  • Develop a PRESENCE of joy by learning how to live in the current moment.

Highlights include connecting with your intuition, passions, innate gifts, talents and your indulgent why so that you have a better understanding on how to connect to your true self.

Clear the Past

What beliefs or past conditionings are you continuing to hang onto that are ready to be released? What past hurts do you need to heal in order to move forward?

Clearing what no longer serves you, is a vital aspect to living a life of soul fulfillment. It also can be the most challenging when going it alone. With support and tools you will be experiencing more joy and success while living a life of purpose and freedom. 

The 3 Clearing Principles you will develop are: 

  • Gain CLARITY of core wounds and your chief defense mechanism so that you can heal and create a life of passion, purpose and freedom. 
  • Learn the tools needed to be successful in living a life of fulfillment and by having the COURAGE to move through resistance when it arises. 
  • Experience CONFIDENCE in your abilities and gifts so that you are no longer being controlled by past programming or limiting beliefs.

Highlights include releasing the past, and allowing what is no longer needed to dissolve and fall away in order to experience more joy, clarity, happiness and fulfillment.  

Create Your Destiny

What is it that makes your soul soar? Are you ready to manifest your heart's desires into reality? 

Create your soul's fulfillment through simple processes by being intentional and taking action. Leave feeling inspired as you express your desires and create a life of joy, happiness and fulfillment by doing what you love. 

The 3 Creation Principles you will learn are:

  • Learn to be intentional and take inspired ACTION so that you begin creating your life of abundance and fulfillment.  
  • Learn to be in a space of ALLOWANCE to receive joy so that you may experience all that the universe has to offer you in return for your gifts.

  • Join a soulful COMMUNITY where you will be uplifted and inspired to be the best version of yourself, while creating your life of joy, purpose and fulfillment. 

Highlights include learning a simple process to manifest the life of your dreams, with soulful mentorship and community. 

I'm Ready to Embrace My Calling




Because I'm committed to your success in fulfilling your new found purpose!

Private Inner Circle

Support is vital to success in feeling confident in discovering and living your soul's purpose. You will have access to a Private Inner Circle Forum with other women navigating the journey of soul fulfillment. 

Support in Clearing Emotions

Receive Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) video and cheatsheet on how to use in your daily live. This technique is highly effective as an universal healing tool that can provide impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues.

Balancing Your Aura

Three 30 minute remote frequency healing sessions to help you activate and harmonize your energy centers. To support in harmonizing your bioenergetic field of your mind, body and emotions so that you experience more ease and flow in living your soul's purpose. 

Enrollment for Passport to Purpose is NOW Open Through September 15th 2020

CLARITY AWAITS YOU, LOVE! Enroll in the one and only mastermind that will get you from confusion to clarity!









What has it cost you to remain unclear or disconnected from who you really are and why you’re alive? What has it done to your mental, emotional, financial, even physical health? Here’s a secret: your stress, pain, and most major problems are not caused by what you’ve been told, and the solution is not what you think. In fact, we’ve been taught the exact opposite of how to heal ourselves and make our life work! Until now…


Your Soul's Calling...You Have the Time to Answer...

Passport to Purpose will guide you in discovering your truth, clearing the thoughts, beliefs and fears holding onto you from past influences while embracing being who you are so your true work in the world can be expressed.

Women Like You and Their Success Stories!

Check out what past clients are saying:

"Before working with Danielle, I was faced with confusion (lack of clarity) and fear. I was trying to live my life according to the way I “thought” I should live my life, other than living my life doing what I truly enjoyed doing. I was having a difficult time adjusting to my so- called “retirement”. I was missing something, but I didn’t know what it was. I was drawn to Danielle because of her trusting and gentle nature. Even though she’s gentle, she is also driven by her passion to help others find out how to find joy and purpose. My husband and I have bonded even closer after working with Danielle. It’s ok to laugh, be goofy and be creative. I have allowed the adventurous side of me to come out as well as my artistic genius.  I found clarity in what I love to do! I gained the confidence to travel more and to share my photography with others."

Paula Brady
Photographer, Writer

"Before working with Danielle, I felt confused, lost and overwhelmed with life. I knew I wasn't living from the heart and my passions were being suppressed, but I couldn't find my way out of it. Danielle has taught me that by going inward, asking for Divine guidance, and trusting my intuition I can navigate my way out of doubt, anxiety and fear while turning to my heart, leading with love and clarity. I now am taking steps toward fully embodying my passions and living from the heart. My businesses are thriving, my relationships have strengthened, and I am joyful and excited for the future. If you are considering working with Danielle, I would encourage you to do it. Be prepared to connect with her on a level you never thought possible and to start embracing your journey!"

Ryann McLain

"Lets be completely honest, even when we have the best family, friends, and marriage, we rarely ever speak of our biggest dreams, desires and wishes because none of us want to look selfish right? I mean that would make you a self centered wife, mom, daughter and friend, right? But let me tell ya, after working with Danielle I actually ask more questions of my family and friends because we should all have a safe place to be honest and dream big. I use to keep too much in and it just pilled up inside causing me anxiety. I now have the tools to keep moving forward with ease and joy. Her guidance helped me work through all my fears, it gave me strength and I feel completely empowered. When you take away your fears, there is nothing to really hold you back from saying yes. With Danielle's support, I aligned with my soul's calling to become an Ayurvedic practitioner and I'm now making this desire come true! Thank you Danielle!"

Tamara Gibson

"Before working with Danielle, I was miserably unhappy in a job that was sucking my soul. But I was afraid to do anything about it, because I believed I needed it for the money. I was feeling a bit like a walking zombie, going through the motions of life, but not enjoying it, and not getting anything out of it but anger and resentment. With Danielle's support, I quit my job, and am pursuing my passion and my dream — two of the most important things in life, and I’ve been squelching them for as long as I can remember. I moved out of a city where I felt clogged, to a town by the water where I am feeling fulfilled emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I have completely changed my mindset and thrown away the old, limiting beliefs where I must have a paying job that I hate in order to survive. I know I can be happy, and support myself living what I’m meant to be doing."

Julie Cameron
Author/Content Editor/Consultant


🔸Feel disconnected from yourself

🔸Are dissatisfied with everyday life and feel like an empty shell left with nothing but responsibilities

🔸Sense an emptiness that wants to be filled

🔸 Desire to know and CONFIDENTLY express your purpose

🔸 Have guilt or shame about wanting something just for yourself

🔸 Find yourself seeking for something more in life

🔸 Feel stuck and ready to live life on your own terms

🔸You desire to feel joy from within

Frequently Asked Questions

You receive instant access to the Passport to Purpose powerful blueprint via private membership site. 

12 months of live support, accountability and mentorship so that you are successful with gaining clarity and living confidently your soul's purpose. 

Private access to Inner Circle of other women on the same journey of living a purposeful life and doing what they love. 

Passport to Purpose is designed to support you with the clarity and confidence in knowing your soul's purpose. So that you may begin living it and experiencing fulfillment, joy and freedom within the next 12 months.  You will have support and mentorship for the full 12 months  it is advised to work through the program within that time so that you get the most out of the support of Danielle and the other women. 

I strongly encourage scheduling time to attend the weekly Mastermind calls as you will have access to laser coaching with Danielle as well as hear what other women are discovering along the way. However, I totally understand how live can get busy so the Mastermind calls will be recorded and posted in Passport to Purpose Resource Vault for viewing. 

If you know you will be unavailable to make a call and have a question you are able to submit prior to Danielle and she will do her best to answer. 

No worries! You have a full 12 months to work through this powerful blueprint! So once you join you can go back into the course and watch the videos at any time. 

Of course I will encourage you to join the live sessions so that you will have the support, accountability and guidance that makes Passport to Purpose one of a kind. 

There are 12 core lessons, one a month. 

You have access to bonus trainings such as EFT, Money Mind Upgrade and special meditations to support your self discover journey. 

It's time to discover my true calling and forge a unique path to an adventurous life.


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